Mostly Do's (and a few Don'ts) about Gifted Children

  1. DO be aware of myths and your personal beliefs about gifted children.
  2. DO talk about "being gifted" and what it means to your child.
  3. DO help them identify and accept their talents and strengths as well as their weaknesses.
  4. DO provide learning experiences by allowing natural consequences.
  5. DO listen to gifted children.
  6. DO challenge your students and provide encouragement.
  7. DO encourage intellectual risk-taking.
  8. DO make "failure" acceptable in certain situations to help combat perfectionism.
  9. DO value uniqueness.
  10. DO communicate acceptance.
  11. DO foster healthy competition.
  12. DO model what you want.
  13. DON'T use a child's ability to point out shortcomings (e.g., "You're so smart, why can't you...?").
  14. DON'T expect a gifted child to be gifted in all subjects and make all A's all of the time.
  15. DON'T use sarcasm with young gifted children (even those that use it) because they may not understand it as such.