Links to Other Gifted/Talented Resources

The National Association for Gifted Children can be found at You will find information as well as legislative updates and links to networks and special interest groups within NAGC that can provide information about research, current trends, legislative happenings, and social-emotional needs. It is a great place to start!

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering the affective development of gifted youth. Explore to find articles on social and emotional development as well as information about grant programs, staff training opportunities, and SENG-Model Parent Groups, and other resources and services.

Perhaps the most comprehensive web resource on gifted children can be found at Hoagies' Gifted Education Page ( Information, reflections, stories, professional resources, and much more are at your fingertips as you browse this site.

Wondering what's happening with the gifted and talented students in your city and around the Commonwealth? The Kentucky Association for Gifted Education ( and the Center for Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University ( are the sites to visit.

In search of information on highly and profoundly gifted children? Check out the Davidson Institute for Talent Development to find information about exceptionally bright youngsters, resources, and services provided by the Institute.

Great Potential Press, Inc. ( is an award-winning publishing company devoted to books and videos for parents and teachers of gifted children. Now located in Arizona, GPP was founded as an offshoot of the Ohio Psychology Publishing Co., which in 1982 published the bestseller Guiding the Gifted Child. In 2003, GPP received the prestigious Excellence in Publishing Award from the Arizona Book Publishing Association.