Checklist of Symptoms of Student Burnout

  • Student is no longer happy or pleasantly excited about school activities, but, rather, is negative or cynical toward work, teachers, classmates, parents, and the whole school- and achievement-centered experience.
  • Student approaches most school assignments with resignation or resentment.
  • Student exhibits boredom.
  • Student suffers from sleeplessness, problems in falling asleep, or periodic waking.
  • Student overreacts to normal concerns or events.
  • Student experiences fatigue, extreme tiredness, low energy level.
  • Student exhibits unhappiness with self and accomplishments.ha
  • Student has nervous habits such as eye blinking, head shaking, or stuttering.
  • Student has physical ailments such as weekly or daily stomachaches or headaches.
  • Student is frequently ill.
  • Student exhibits dependency through increased clinging or needing and demanding constant support and reassurance.
  • Student engages in attention-getting behaviors such as aggressive or acting-out behaviors.
  • Student has a sense of being trapped or a feeling or being out of control.
  • Student is unable to make decisions.
  • Student has lost perspective and sense of humor.
  • Student experiences increased feelings of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion in work and activities that used to give pleasure.