Consulting Services Offered for Parents of Gifted Children

We are pleased to offer consulting and advocacy services to help parents support the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of their gifted children.  Our services are for parents whose children have been recently identified as gifted, as well as those who have been aware of their child’s giftedness for many years.

Our services cover a range of challenges, including:

  • Understanding your child’s unique giftedness and potential impacts/challenges
  • Determining school adjustments to fill academic needs through collaboration
  • Preparing for school meetings
  • Identifying enrichment opportunities with like-minded peers and/or passion areas
  • Providing relevant parent resources to fit parental and/or child needs
  • Understanding how you can address your child’s uniqueness

Our parent consulting services are offered via web conference or by phone so they can be conducted from any location.

Our Consultants:
Joy L. Navan
Barbara Hettle